You’re invited…

by Jennifer on October 29, 2010

For those of you who still have this blog in your feed reader or who stop by here to read, I wanted to invite you to visit my new blog site, A Road with a View. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to update your subscription, you’ll be sure not to miss a post. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you at my new place.  An excerpt from my new post there:

And so we go back, is what I was going to tell you.

But that’s not how it is, how it ever is. Always forward.

We are moving back to Arizona. In the process of working out (at long last) our parenting agreement, I decided that it made sense to live there again. It will make it logistically easier for the kids to spend time with their father. They miss their friends. They miss living there. I miss my friends and will be glad to take new measure of  the ties that bind parts of my soul to that piece of desert…(read the rest…)

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jessica October 29, 2010 at 8:12 am

OMG I’m so happy for you! Oh Jen, whatever it is in life that makes you happy, that is all I want for you.



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